One of the areas receiving the most change with the FSC renovation is the Information Center. Below you can find 10 things you should know about the Information Center for the upcoming school year!

1. The location has changed! Instead of on the second floor by the bookstore, the Information Center will now be located by the main entrance near Papitto and Heritage! This will be much more accessible to the everyday user.

2. The hours have been extended!
                 M-F: 8:30AM-11:00PM
                 Saturday: Noon-10PM
                 Sunday: Noon-11PM

3. All pool supplies will be checked out through the Information Center now.

4. Umbrellas, snow shovels, ice scrapers and other seasonal/weather items can be rented at the Information Center!

5. The Information Center will be staffed by 10 of your fellow peers, providing you with any answers or services you may need. Although there aren’t any openings at the Information Center this fall, keep an eye out for other openings throughout the FSC coming soon!
A snapshot at the Information Center being framed this past week!
6. With the introduction of “collaboration stations” in the FSC, the Information Center will now be checking out an Xbox and Xbox Kinect for students’ use.

7. For students looking to print in either color or black and white, simply send your document to “Bryant Color Public Printers” and you will be able to grab your document at the Information Center.

8. Movie tickets to the Providence Place Mall movie theater, as well as the movie theater at the Lincoln Mall will be available again next year for sale at the Information Center. 

9. Due to frequency of request, the Information Center will continue to rent out laptop chargers and certain phone chargers for students in need. 

10. Faxing at the Information Center will be free this upcoming school year! Beyond that, students will be able to laminate, bind, make copies and scan at a student-friendly and affordable cost. 

If you have any other questions about the services available at the Information Center feel free to reach out to us!
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