This past week the 2013-2014 Student Senate Executive Board arrived on campus for their annual E-Board retreat. As a part of this experience, the senators took a tour of the building and had a presentation on the changes and new features to expect in the Fisher Student Center. Below is a picture of the group in their nearly completed office for next year! Andrea Cimbrelo, this year's Vice President for Clubs and Organizations, found the 3rd floor to be her favorite part of the building for "it will be a place for all organizations to come together and interact with one another". 
The 2013-2014 Student Senate E-Board in their new office next year!
Even though athletes, RAs, senators and other students are starting to arrive back on campus for the beginning of the fall semester, construction has not slowed down at all! At this point of the project, the third floor is simply waiting on furniture, the second floor is near completion and the first floor is the construction crew's main focus of the next few weeks. Below you can view as construction workers begin to shape the stone fireplace in the center of the first floor. 
After their tour this afternoon Paden Sadler, the President of the Student Senate, and Margaret Wong, the Student Senate's Treasurer, both shared that they felt the Fisher Student Center "really is becoming the living room of campus" and that “it truly will be a STUDENT center,". To see more of the photos from the Senator's walk through, check out the photo gallery! Images include all three floors and really start to highlight some of the finishing touches you can expect to see on opening day! Keep an eye out for the blog posts to become more frequent as details and final touches of the FSC and our grand opening get closer!
One of the areas receiving the most change with the FSC renovation is the Information Center. Below you can find 10 things you should know about the Information Center for the upcoming school year!

1. The location has changed! Instead of on the second floor by the bookstore, the Information Center will now be located by the main entrance near Papitto and Heritage! This will be much more accessible to the everyday user.

2. The hours have been extended!
                 M-F: 8:30AM-11:00PM
                 Saturday: Noon-10PM
                 Sunday: Noon-11PM

3. All pool supplies will be checked out through the Information Center now.

4. Umbrellas, snow shovels, ice scrapers and other seasonal/weather items can be rented at the Information Center!

5. The Information Center will be staffed by 10 of your fellow peers, providing you with any answers or services you may need. Although there aren’t any openings at the Information Center this fall, keep an eye out for other openings throughout the FSC coming soon!
A snapshot at the Information Center being framed this past week!
6. With the introduction of “collaboration stations” in the FSC, the Information Center will now be checking out an Xbox and Xbox Kinect for students’ use.

7. For students looking to print in either color or black and white, simply send your document to “Bryant Color Public Printers” and you will be able to grab your document at the Information Center.

8. Movie tickets to the Providence Place Mall movie theater, as well as the movie theater at the Lincoln Mall will be available again next year for sale at the Information Center. 

9. Due to frequency of request, the Information Center will continue to rent out laptop chargers and certain phone chargers for students in need. 

10. Faxing at the Information Center will be free this upcoming school year! Beyond that, students will be able to laminate, bind, make copies and scan at a student-friendly and affordable cost. 

If you have any other questions about the services available at the Information Center feel free to reach out to us!
The student population involved with the renovation was extremely vocal and excited about creating an inviting atmosphere that would make anybody who walked into the building instantly feel comfortable. The community felt that one of the best ways to implement this vision, was to add a wide range of complimentary colors to our building that all ultimately tied together, all the while creating harmony in the student center! This week’s blog post will share with you some of the furniture and fabrics that you can expect to see in our Student Center next year…get excited!

The collage of reds you see below contains the different fabrics that will be lining the chairs and sofas throughout the majority of the first floor. Each of these fabrics pull from the red that is highlighted in the carpet throughout the building. The design firm felt that these strong and vibrant red colors would really create a warm environment perfect for the first floor of the FSC, especially with the addition of our fireplace. Reds wont be the only color you will see on the first floor though, keep reading to see some of our other complimentary fabrics and colors.
The following four fabrics will be used throughout the entire building and will provide the student center with some natural colors to balance some of the brighter paint and fabrics you can expect. 
The final color collage is compromised of blues and greens. These colors will be most prominent on the second floor chairs, couches, fixtures and even paints. 
Although we highlighted 13 different fabrics above, that still is not all of them! With such a wide range of different colors and fabrics, you are sure to find a piece of furniture that you fancy. The table below is the main coffee table that will be used throughout the Student Center. We feel that it will provide flexibility to students who are looking to do all different activities, ranging from homework, surfing the net, or just hanging out. 
Beyond all of the fabrics, we did want to be able to showcase one of the pieces of furniture our staff is most excited about. As OCE has emphasized all along, one of the major goals in the student center renovation is bringing a living room culture and feel to the building. Through pieces like the one below, we are confident students will find just that! We also wanted to showcase the fabric that will be on one or two of the couches throughout the building. 
Beyond the couch above, there will be several other types of chairs featured in the building with various different fabric coverings (not black) as seen throughout this week's post. The picture below shows you some of the different options of chairs that students can anticipate studying, relaxing or eating in this fall!
Hopefully after reading this week's post you are all anxious to lounge around in some of the above furniture and are excited about the fabrics and designs that have been selected. Thanks for checking back in and staying up to date with everything going on in the FSC!
The Scoop Convenience store has been a staple in our community since 1986. The Scoop has served our students as the “go-to” spot for a late night snack, an Arizona Iced Tea, a frappe or bowl of ice cream. As conversations began about renovating our Student Center, one question that many of our students asked was how The Scoop would keep its place within the building but become an even larger resource to our community. Many students were passionate about keeping The Scoop mission, concept and tradition alive, all the while expanding its inventory, options, and overall services.
The Scoop floor starting to be laid!
It became clear to the Office of Campus Engagement staff as well as various key players throughout the University that the only way to truly accomplish these goals was to create a partnership between our department, the University and Sodexo. Throughout the past few months, Sodexo and OCE have discussed at length how we can combine Sodexo’s expertise in food and retail management with OCE’s vision and outlook on the Student Center ideal, and we are excited to announce that this partnership has come to life.

Here is some of the progress we have made that we thought was important for the community to know about The Scoop…

1.    The hours will stay the same! We know it is important to have The Scoop open late as an option and Sodexo has agreed that this will work for them, too.

2.   Ice cream will continue to be a featured item in the store’s operation. Keeping the name “The Scoop” and not providing ice cream simply wouldn’t make sense!

3.   Sodexo and OCE are working hard in order to ensure that the jobs at The Scoop Convenience store are filled by students—more information about the hiring process for this area will be released as we get closer to the fall semester.

4.   We are very committed to developing a product line that both supports the “grab and go” needs of the campus but also supports our townhouse residents who may be looking for more basic household and food needs.


The Scoop layout starting to take place!
In order to gain a better understanding of what the Bryant community would like The Scoop to have in its inventory, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to provide feedback on what should be offered. Below you will find a series of different options that could potentially be purchased at The Scoop next year. Please select the items that you would be most interested in purchasing. We know there are many popular items from The Scoop’s existing inventory that weren’t included—we wanted to see your opinions on potential new offerings! Thanks in advance for providing us with your insight!