The student population involved with the renovation was extremely vocal and excited about creating an inviting atmosphere that would make anybody who walked into the building instantly feel comfortable. The community felt that one of the best ways to implement this vision, was to add a wide range of complimentary colors to our building that all ultimately tied together, all the while creating harmony in the student center! This week’s blog post will share with you some of the furniture and fabrics that you can expect to see in our Student Center next year…get excited!

The collage of reds you see below contains the different fabrics that will be lining the chairs and sofas throughout the majority of the first floor. Each of these fabrics pull from the red that is highlighted in the carpet throughout the building. The design firm felt that these strong and vibrant red colors would really create a warm environment perfect for the first floor of the FSC, especially with the addition of our fireplace. Reds wont be the only color you will see on the first floor though, keep reading to see some of our other complimentary fabrics and colors.
The following four fabrics will be used throughout the entire building and will provide the student center with some natural colors to balance some of the brighter paint and fabrics you can expect. 
The final color collage is compromised of blues and greens. These colors will be most prominent on the second floor chairs, couches, fixtures and even paints. 
Although we highlighted 13 different fabrics above, that still is not all of them! With such a wide range of different colors and fabrics, you are sure to find a piece of furniture that you fancy. The table below is the main coffee table that will be used throughout the Student Center. We feel that it will provide flexibility to students who are looking to do all different activities, ranging from homework, surfing the net, or just hanging out. 
Beyond all of the fabrics, we did want to be able to showcase one of the pieces of furniture our staff is most excited about. As OCE has emphasized all along, one of the major goals in the student center renovation is bringing a living room culture and feel to the building. Through pieces like the one below, we are confident students will find just that! We also wanted to showcase the fabric that will be on one or two of the couches throughout the building. 
Beyond the couch above, there will be several other types of chairs featured in the building with various different fabric coverings (not black) as seen throughout this week's post. The picture below shows you some of the different options of chairs that students can anticipate studying, relaxing or eating in this fall!
Hopefully after reading this week's post you are all anxious to lounge around in some of the above furniture and are excited about the fabrics and designs that have been selected. Thanks for checking back in and staying up to date with everything going on in the FSC!

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