This past week the Office of Campus Engagement staff had the opportunity to head back into the newly named Fisher Student Center and check out all of the changes that have occurred since our last visit. Through this week's post and photos, you'll be able to see that the construction crew is making some serious progress on the 3rd floor. The image below clearly highlights that the horseshoe shape floor plan is no longer. The hole in the floor is filled in and the new construction now unites all areas of the third floor together. Beyond that, you can see the center divider for the 4 collaborative work stations is now framed and ready to be dry-walled. Most importantly though, you will see that the offices for the 3rd Floor Major Organizations have walls and are starting to be painted!
     In the Renovation Photo section you can see ALL of the organization's offices on the third floor, but below we showed an example of the Student Senate's office. You may not really be able to grasp the size of the office or see every corner, but it is still definitely exciting to see the spaces you will all move into soon! Somethings to note about your future offices...
  • Each office has an accent wall with either light blue or green 
  • Every office has some sort of window, providing natural light to all the organizations working in their respective offices
  • Every office will have at least one neighbor! The Archway, Student Senate, and Anna Takahama will all be located along the same wall. Greek Life, Lisa Morris, the Campus Engagement Resource Center, and the Multicultural Student Union will all be located next to one another. And last but not least the International Student Organization, the Student Programming Board and the Ledger will all be neighbors. 
     Finally just wanted to thank all of the Office of Campus Engagement employees for helping out by taking the various pictures or holding signs to help denote which office belongs to which organization!
Judy Kawamoto
7/19/2013 01:09:24 am

Our walk-through of the Fisher Student Center was AMAZING!! The renovation is really moving quickly, and I think the student groups will be so excited about their new spaces.

Great job with the blog, Mike! :-)


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