As we quickly approach August, the Fisher Student Center renovation is beginning to really take shape. This week’s post will highlight some of the specific projects that we noticed considerable progress on in our last visit into the construction site!
1.       Outside Metal Facade – Clearly identifying a main entrance, this will allow for community visitors to gain access to our student center easily and highlight the name of our beloved building.
2.      Increased Square Footage and Flooring – Most notable on the second floor, the construction crew has been busy welding and supporting new pathways creating a more feasible and efficient layout to our second floor. Through these pictures you can see there will now be a path from the Bookstore leading to the women’s restroom, the Intercultural Center, the Women’s Center, the Pride Center, the Chaplain’s office and Meeting Room 2C. Additionally there will be much more square footage to the main lounge area on the second floor.
3.      Collaboration Stations – With the emphasis of group work throughout Bryant students’ academic course load and co-curricular experiences, the Student Center will be installing four group collaboration stations that will allow users to all work on the same monitor off one laptop in a comfortable environment. Beyond that, students could potentially plug in a gaming system and just relax playing video games with friends. Below is the first step of installing these systems!
4.      Improved Vending Options – Naturally Bryant students are often on the run from a meeting, to class, to an organization’s event. In order to better provide students with options to help them make it through the day, the Fisher Student Center will have an area located on the second floor dedicated to vending. These options will be available to students from open to close, offering selections when our other vendors are not available. As of right now, this spot will host a snack machine, soda machine, Navigant ATM and a change machine to get quarters for laundry on campus. This will be located where the mailboxes used to be on the second floor, behind where the new Office of Campus Engagement – Operations office will be located. No worries, the Sovereign ATM will still be available on the 1st floor near the Information Center. 
Hope you all enjoyed this week's update. The Office of Campus Engagement has been busy interviewing candidates for the open Assistant Director position in the department, and are excited to be moving forward with the process. Otherwise, look forward to more exciting information coming soon! 

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