This past week the 2013-2014 Student Senate Executive Board arrived on campus for their annual E-Board retreat. As a part of this experience, the senators took a tour of the building and had a presentation on the changes and new features to expect in the Fisher Student Center. Below is a picture of the group in their nearly completed office for next year! Andrea Cimbrelo, this year's Vice President for Clubs and Organizations, found the 3rd floor to be her favorite part of the building for "it will be a place for all organizations to come together and interact with one another". 
The 2013-2014 Student Senate E-Board in their new office next year!
Even though athletes, RAs, senators and other students are starting to arrive back on campus for the beginning of the fall semester, construction has not slowed down at all! At this point of the project, the third floor is simply waiting on furniture, the second floor is near completion and the first floor is the construction crew's main focus of the next few weeks. Below you can view as construction workers begin to shape the stone fireplace in the center of the first floor. 
After their tour this afternoon Paden Sadler, the President of the Student Senate, and Margaret Wong, the Student Senate's Treasurer, both shared that they felt the Fisher Student Center "really is becoming the living room of campus" and that “it truly will be a STUDENT center,". To see more of the photos from the Senator's walk through, check out the photo gallery! Images include all three floors and really start to highlight some of the finishing touches you can expect to see on opening day! Keep an eye out for the blog posts to become more frequent as details and final touches of the FSC and our grand opening get closer!
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